Elmore County Legislative Day at the Statehouse

Today Senator Chambliss hosted a group of Elmore County elected officials and County Department heads at the Alabama Statehouse.

We had an opportunity to spend time speaking with our entire legislative delegation and to attend a committee hearing where Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn was one of the speakers discussing the proposed Prison Reform Bill that will be considered by the legislature this session.

For those that may not be aware, if passed, the effects this Prison Reform Bill could have on Elmore County are huge. Elmore County is home to more prisons than any other county in the state and has a large number of A.D.O.C. employees that have a very large economic impact on our county. Rest assured there is an ongoing effort to protect the best interest of Elmore County.

We appreciate Senators Chambliss and Brewbaker and Representatives Holmes, Ingram and Beckman for taking time out of their busy schedules to be with us.

Saturday Morning Severe Weather-Round 2 Tonight

This morning’s severe weather caused widespread flooding primarily on the West side of the county with much of the property damage on the Central and Eastern portions. There were many reports of property damage and about 180 power outages reported.

When threatening and dangerous Storm are approaching, the Elmore County EMA opens the Emergency Operations Center. During a storm event this is where calls for service that come directly to the EOC or that come through the Sheriffs department are in-part dispatched or monitored.

Post-storm damage reports and response is managed by this same staff comprised of County employees and volunteers.

Once the storm passed I was at the EOC getting a status report on damage and the response in District 4 and then visited many areas that saw flooding or property damage.

Storms Round 2 is approaching with significant wind, rain and possible tornados overnight. Please moniter weather reports and stay safe. Bart

County Wide Transportation Plan

Did you know the Elmore County is one of the only if not the only County in the State that has a County-Wide Transportation plan that all Commissioners, Mayors and Councils have agreed to?

This means on the major roads in the County there is a plan on how best correct many of the known safety or traffic flow issues. It also means when Elmore County asks for assistance on a highway related project, ALDOT and our Elmore County legislative delegation know Elmore County leaders are unified in how they prioritize these projects.

This Plan is updated every four years and this Wednesday is when an update meeting took place that I attended.

The next step is for each municipality to review this with their Council with the ultimate goal for all to agree.

I appreciate our County Engineer Richie Beyer and his staff for facilitating this effort.

There are many projects in District 4 on this plan and with all Elmore County leaders working together we can achieve a lot for District 4 and the entire County.

Swearing In Ceremony

Judge Bill Lewis administered the Oath of Office during the January 9th Commission Meeting and I participated in my first Commission meeting.

I have attended many Commission meetings in the past but not as a participant. In fact, I discussed with someone last night there have been many previous meetings where it was only me and a reporter in the audience.

Praise God for giving me the ability to serve, to Governor Robert Bentley for appointing me and all of those people that have supported me in my effort to serve our community.

Travel Advisory

I attended a meeting on Friday at the Elmore County Operations Center where plans were discussed relating to preparations for bitter cold and possible ice and snow moving into our area overnight.

Elmore County EMA Director Eric Jones and County Engineer Richie Beyer and staff have been monitering the Winter Storm system moving through Elmore County all night and the Commissioners have received frequent updates throughout the night.

At 4:15 this morning Commissioners were informed by Eric and Richie that they have throughly canvassed the County since midnight and see no major issues on the County transportation system and will soon be lifting the Travel Advisory for County roads.

Please continue to be safe on all roads today and watch for isolated hazardous road conditions.

We are blessed to have these two men and their staff serving Elmore County and I appreciate all of their hard work.

Stay Warm today